Wildlife Photography the Easy Way

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Ever wondered how those photographers at National Geographic and Discovery Magazines take those amazing wildlife photos? Discover how to take your own amazing wildlife photographs without traveling to those far away exotic locations.

Your local zoo or wildlife safari is great place for wildlife photography. Your local zoos have various wild animals. Get yourself a annual pass and visit as many times as you wish and stay as long at one place you can to get the photo you wanted. Avoid crowds at the peak times and day of your local zoo or wildlife safari and concentrate on getting your best shots. Look for zoos and wild life safari with minimum restrictions for wild animals that offer great opportunity to take photos is a more natural setting. Try to arrange a visit with ground staff and animal keepers at local zoo be around the animals when they are being fed, washed or cared. Those are great opportunities to get some unusual images.

When taking wildlife photograph you need to be close to the subject with a proper lens that highlight the wild animal. Do not take shots with too much background. Set the camera aperture to the widest which narrows field depth and set the focus on the animal not the surroundings. Avoid bad lighting conditions. Ideal light conditions are in a sunny day take photos early in the morning or in the evening when the sun is lower site of the sky. This gives your photo a lower contrast and better exposure. Try to use a tripod to reduce camera shake and photo blurriness. Use a flash to fill in those shadows. When the animals are on a move adjust shutter speed accordingly. You need to have the right timing in your wildlife photos. Wild animals they move, blink, flap or turn their back. Key to great wild animal photography is trying capture its emotions by capturing a photo with its eye in focus. When you spend more time with the animal you learn anticipate their next move. The key in wildlife photography is try to catch memorable and unique moments that would set your photograph stand out from thousands of others.

All else you can still travel to many cheap destination such as those in south asia where you dollar goes far. Many countries in south asia has their own safari at much affordable rates compare those big name safari places in Africa.

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